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If you are one of the unlucky ‘guinea pigs’ that upgraded to 8.0.1 on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus & your cell service is now broken (along with the Touch-ID), please follow the following steps to get your phone back in working order.  You MUST have access to a PC or Mac for this to work!

  1. Go to and download the iOS IPSW for 8.0 for your respective model.
  2. On a Mac – Go to iTunes and Option-Click “Check for Update” (For Windows users that is ‘shift-click “Check for Update”‘) –
    1. Select the downloaded 8.0 IPSW and update the phone. It will revert back to 8.0 and cell + touchID will work.

You will not need to backup & re-download all your stuff – it works like a normal upgrade works (with exception to this broken update, obviously!).

If you’re getting “this phone isn’t available for this update,” you’ve selected 8.0.1 which is no longer being signed by apple.  Make you you have downloaded 8.0 for your device and you’ll be good to go following the above steps.

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