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If you get the chance to try out a pair of Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones, you will be equally as eager to get them out of the box and onto your ears.  As soon as I un-boxed them, I plugged them right into the computer.  This is when I heard an awful clicking noise.  I thought for sure I received a defective pair.  I know after spending $400 on a pair of Zik 2.0, I would expect them to NOT be making a clicking noise. After searching online, there was no help in finding a solution.

I decided I must have a defective pair – but, I did something so basic, so simple, that I was kicking my self for not doing it first.  I ASSUMED that the battery was built into these headphones.  I was way wrong, and if I had continued to open the package all the way, I would have seen a battery in the packaging.  I took off the ear pad on the left ear, popped the battery in, and viola, the clicking sound disappeared, and my ‘defective’ headphones are not working as good as new!

I should add, that I am, by no-means, an audiophile but I am very very impressed by the sound of these headphones!

I recommend buying a Parrot Hard Case for Zik Headphones to keep your investment nice and safe, and perhaps a battery backup to boot.

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