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Bose SoundDock Repair

For those interested in making your Bose Sounddock with with the iPhone 5, read my blog post regarding the Bose Sounddock and Apples Lightning to 30 pin adapter.

For older Bose SoundDock models, they may not charge your iPhone or iPod.  If you get the message on your iPhone that says “Charging is not supported with this accessory” after you plug it into your Bose SoundDock, or if you hear broken up sound coming from the speakers, it is indicative of a broken dock connector.  While this may be an issue with the charging port on the iPhone or iPod, it can be ruled out by plugging the iPhone/iPod into any wall charger.  If the message does not pop-up, we can attribute the issue to the dock connector.

Our Bose SoundDock repair service in NJ gives your dock the features to enable you to play and charge all generations of Apple device including the Iphones, Ipod Touch, Ipods old and new.


Bose SoundDock Repair: $100
Price includes parts and labor.

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