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Earn Free Amazon Giftcards Every Month For Doing Next to Nothing

Earn Free Amazon Giftcards Every Month For Doing Next to Nothing

Everyone likes free stuff, and everyone likes Amazon

Not only can you get free Amazon gift cards, but this reward program has other rewards such as:

  • Applebee’s gift cards
  • Game Stop gift cards
  • Groupon vouchers
  • Hulu Plus memberships
  • Skype credits
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Much more.

This is one of the few ‘next-to-effortless’ ways to get free Amazon gift-cards every month.

Using Bing Rewards, all you have to do is visit Bing every day to earn credits just for searching.  You can check your credit counter in the top right to see your current Rewards tally.  Every day you need to check out the dashboard for fun search ideas that can pay off.  Now peek inside the goodie box, and pick something for yourself – or charity.

Once you register, you can move up the ‘ranks’ and earn different levels of Bing Rewards.  To achieve Silver status, all you need to do it.

  1. complete the Welcome to Rewards tour
  2. complete the Welcome to Bing tour
  3. pick a reward and set it as your goal
  4. earn 200 lifetime credits

The longer you stick with the program, you can earn gold status, which gives you a discount on the redemption options by completing the following steps:

  1. redeem credits for your first reward
  2. earn 750 lifetime credits
  3. each month, do 150 reward-able searches, up to 20 per day

Yadda Yadda.. but ‘how is this effortless?’, you ask.

Make sure you are signed into your Bing Rewards account, and use the following:

Set up the number of searches you want it to do.  For every 2 searches you get 1 reward point, up to 15 a day, even though some people are given 30 rewards a day (random and if you get 30, consider yourself lucky).
All I ask is that you SIGN UP using this link.

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