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Alternatives to the New iOS6 Maps Application

Alternatives to the New iOS6 Maps Application

If you are like myself, who was very much looking forward to the new Maps application, and was deeply disappointed by the Maps app, there is alternatives.  Not only is there an alternative, but it is FREE!

Apple advertised the turn by turn navigation, which is a standard on all android devices.  What actually turned out happening, was that Apple only pushed the turn by turn feature to the iPhone 4s, and the new iPhone 5.  I didn’t learn of this until after already upgrading (drag).  However, MapQuest offers a FREE turn-by-turn Application with voice navigation, and it works Great.

Bing also has an application where you can use their Maps within the app that have the birds eye view, which is very similar to Apple’s 3D maps.

Don’t be incredibly disappointed about iOS6 maps, there is a solution!  Let me know if you have heard of anything else, or if you are using another app that you recommend!


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