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Bose Sounddock III (3) to work only with iPhone 5

Bose Sounddock III (3) to work only with iPhone 5

A source from Bose has confirmed that the newest SoundDock, the SoundDock III, will only support the iPhone 5 and will launch within a week or so from today, November 28th, 2012.  I had previously discussed alternative solutions to make the iPhone 5 play on the Bose SoundDock II.

The new Sounddock III (3) will charge and play music from the iPhone 5 through its speakers, as many people have been anxious for.  We weren’t sure if it was going to be called the SoundLink III / SoundDock III or if it would support Bluetooth, but we now know that it is going to be called the Bose SoundDock III and will not support Bluetooth Playback.

If you were waiting for the newest generation SoundDock to use on your iPhone 4 or 4S, unfortunately, the newest SoundDock III will only support the iPhone 5.

What if I have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, will that work on the new SoundDock III?

For families that own an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, I would recommend purchasing the Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – Nylon, as it supports Bluetooth playback, which can be used on all Apple Devices, Samsung Galaxy S3, and all phones that support Bluetooth Speakers. It will also work to play music from your Computer, provided it has Bluetooth capabilities.  It is also a portable Bose speaker that features a battery that will last for up to 8 hours of playback.  It can be used outside at BBQ’s and you can play music to it from your phone in your pocket.

Check the following link for the best prices on the SoundLink II on Amazon:


Lightning Adapter Security Chip Updates

Lightning Adapter Security Chip Updates

Now that Apple has started shipping the Lightning adapters, ChipWorks has torn it down to find out why those cheap knock offs will not work!

Their finding did conclude that the Lightning cable does have four chips embedded in it. Two of these chips are very simple with just a couple transistors, and the third is an NXP NX20P3.  The fourth and most interesting of their findings is the Texas Instruments chip, that is not documented anywhere by TI (a big secret!).

Chipworks claims:

It is actually very interesting that we may have found a security device in this cable. Previously, we have analyzed security devices regarding medical printer media (armbands), printer cartridges, flash drive memory, batteries, and smart cards, but this is the first secure cable we have seen. The security does not come close to the herculean approaches that are used in (for example) today’s printer cartridges, but resembles the level of effort that cartridge manufacturers used to implement in the olden days. This is likely a calculated decision by Apple to keep costs to a minimum knowing that their core customer base prefers to shop in Apple stores or for brand name peripherals. In these places, piracy is not a concern. In other words, at this time the security is “just enough.” With future generations of Apple and non-Apple products, we may begin to see even stronger security and control if the market forces merit it.

For the time being, it seems like a win for Apple.  If you are looking to save money on the Lightning Dock connector, you’re going to have to wait.  This will only slow down the 3rd party vendors from figuring it out, and being able to implement a chip in their designs.

If you are looking for a solution to use the new iPhone Lightning adapter in a Bose dock, please check out the previous article on that topic.

How to use your iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S/5C with older Bose Sounddock’s

How to use your iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S/5C with older Bose Sounddock’s

Update January-12-2017

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus can use the following adapters also.
I have also wrote about how you can charge and listen to music at the same time on the iPhone 7.

With the new release of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, there are many people asking them selves “How do I make my Bose Sounddock work with my new iPhone?”

Update November 17th, 2014,

All of the links below are still applicable to make your iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus work with your older Bose Sound Docks.  It is also a great way to make it work with any iHome Alarm Clock, or Stereo.

Apple’s Lightning to 30 pin adapter– Apples official cord will work, but DOES NOT provide Bluetooth capability.

CableJive dockBoss Smart Audio Input Adapter for iPod/iPhone Docks – Good for turning your Bose Dock to accept a 2.5mm headphone input. (will not work for iPhone 7)

TekuOne Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Bose Sounddock – Works great for all model iPhones, as well as linking your Bose dock to your laptop, or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Update December 2, 2013:

Given that Apple has released the iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C, I have been asked many times lately about how to accommodate them into use for older model Bose Sounddock’s without the lightening adapter.

To make your iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and iPad Mini work in your older model Sounddock’s, you need to use one the following options:

Apple’s Lightning to 30 pin adapter – You can use the adapter with the longer cable for the iPad
CableJive dockBoss Smart Audio Input Adapter for iPod/iPhone Docks
Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Bose Sounddock


UPDATE 11/29: New Bose SoundDock 3 will be coming out any day now, to be here for the holidays.  Also, I have evaluated and can confirm the functionality of Apple’s Lightning to 30 pin adapters with the SoundDock speaker products. I recommend using the 0.2 meter “cable” style adapter to prevent potential IR remote control issues.

UPDATE 10/22: I have heard reports from many people that the Lightning adapter is only charging and not playing music.  At the moment, the only confirmed way for music to play through your Bose Sounddock on the iPhone 5 is with a CableJive dockBoss Smart Audio Input Adapter for iPod/iPhone Docks.  If you want to spend the extra few bucks, you can also pick up a Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Bose Sounddock for less than $40.  Both of those adapters will work with all types of docks, not just the Bose Sounddock (iHome and others).

If you have never purchased a Bose Sounddock, and are looking for something immediately, you can pick up a SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II. This Bluetooth Bose speaker allows you to play music through your iPhone, Computer, and any other device that has Bluetooth capabilities.

In theory, to make this work, you are going to need the Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter.  Apple has them for sale for $29.00.  Simply take the adapter, place it into your dock, and put your iPhone 5 into the adapter.  There is no confirmation from Apple or Bose as to there being Audio out, though it will most likely be good to charge your iPhone 5 if nothing else.  They have noted on their website

*Some 30-pin accessories are not supported.

There is somewhat conflicting information going around whether or not there the Bose Sounddock will play music from the iPhone 5.  Apple also noted on their website that there is “Support for analog audio output, USB audio, as well as syncing and charging. Video output not supported.”

The net-net: No one really knows for sure, but as soon as Apple starts shipping the 30-pin to Lightning Adapters, I will keep you updated.

Apple is not shipping until October due to supply problems, so for the time being, you are going to have to make due without bumping your music from the iPhone 5.

It has been noted that the knock-off models of this adapter will not work due to Apple requiring an authentication chip.  Be leery of the adapters that are selling on Amazon and eBay not made by Apple as they most likely do not have the authentication chip required by Apple.


The iPhone 5 is coming soon

The iPhone 5 is coming soon

With rumors swirling of a September or Octotober 2012 release of the iPhone 5, Sprint has announced it’s slashing prices on the iPhone 4s by $50.  They are also waiving their $36 activation fee.  Making it the cheapest iPhone 4s to date.  I may be leery of Sprint’s service, but it’s hard to beat an iPhone 4s for less than $200.

Although the iPhone 4s is soon to be outdated, it is still a great phone.  If you are eligible for an upgrade or if you have a broken iPhone, it may not be a bad idea to take advantage of this offer (if you can’t wait until September).  It is only one of two apple devices that offer Siri, and an 8MP digital camera.  Besides, it has been rumored that Apple is replacing the charging port on the new iPhone, going away from the standard port it has used since the first iPod back in 2001.


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