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How to install Dell v715w AIO printer on Mac OSx 10.7.4 Lion

How to install Dell v715w AIO printer on Mac OSx 10.7.4 Lion

I had a client who was having issues installing the Dell v715w All in One printer on Mac OSx 10.7.4 Lion.

Dell doesn’t actually manufacture their own printers, they have Lexmark make them, and they slap their name on them.  Needless to say, Dell doesn’t announce that to many people, and those having a hard time getting their printers to work tend to find themselves at at dead end.  In order to use the Dell v715w AIO you need to download and use lexmark pro700 driver from here and download also need Gutenprint for Mac OS X.

Install the Gutenprint first, then install the lexmark pro700 driver, and you should able to print to the Dell v715w AIO from your Mac.

Bose SoundDock Series 3 Released

Bose SoundDock Series 3 Released

As of December 8th, the Bose SoundDock Series 3 has been released.  The SoundDock III features the Lighting charger to support playback and charging for the iPhone 5.  We were skeptical for release of the SoundDock 3 before the holiday season, but Bose has finally released it’s newest dock at the retail price of $249.99.

If you have only the iPhone 5, I suggest the new Bose SoundDock 3.

The SoundDock Series III digital music system lets you play music from any iPod or iPhone model with an Apple Lightning connector, and enjoy it with Bose quality sound.

  • Proprietary acoustic design delivers a unique combination of small size and proven performance.
  • Convenient remote controls the system and basic iPod or iPhone functions, including playlist navigation.
  • Works with and charges iPod and iPhone models with an Apple Lightning connector – With Apple’s newest technology, it appears this SoundDock will be the one to get going forward.
  • Auxiliary input located in the rear of the SoundDock – lets you play other audio devices.

For those who have an iPhone 5, and want native charging from the Bose SoundDock, the new SoundDock 3 is the Bose Dock for you.

If you want to use the SoundDock for your iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5, I highly recommend the Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II Features Bluetooth Capabilities for all Smart Phones and computers.

I have previously written up an article on how to make the Bose SoundDock II work with newer generation iPhones.

The Bose SoundLink Speaker will accomodate users with older, current and future iPhone models.

For the most recent prices for the iPhone 5 Bose SoundDock 3, check the following link:

iPhone 5 Bose SoundDock Series 3 cheapest price.

Tips and tricks for avoiding iPhone spyware

Tips and tricks for avoiding iPhone spyware

Most iPhone users used to laugh at their Android counterparts whenever the subject of Android spyware or malware would surface; but we live in changing times and most iPhone users are now finding that they’re not all that different when it comes to apps stealing and misusing their personal data. Apple itself has come under fire for acting like most cell phone spy software does – it even had a class action lawsuit filed against it for privacy invasion. The saddest part is multiplatform malware is now riding the iOS wave with the most recent one hitting Windows through app strategically placed in the App Store. However, the more important point is that iOS isn’t safe from malware/spyware, but with a few precautions most iOS lovers can keep their devices clear from all malware or spyware infested waters.

They’re like cockroaches

Since they can hide so well sometimes and then they’re in your face. While nuclear blasts can’t kill them an effective insecticide does the job pretty quick – let a decent antivirus do the same for the malware/spyware on your iOS device. Just like there’s malicious apps that can hurt your iPhone there are apps designed to find problems and rid your life of them. So do a scavenger hunt on the App Store and find yourself an app that can not only find existing problems but protect your iPhone from future trouble as well.

No get out of jail free card

There really isn’t one for people who jailbreak their phones. What you’re effectively doing is ensuring that your iPhone doesn’t have a warranty – and of course jailbreaking does a little more than just let you have free apps, it creates a free pass and multiple opportunities of infiltration for malware as well. While the App Store has of late started having trouble with malware the fact is that Apple has an A+ on its report card when it comes to finding and destroying malware so far. And iPhone’s that haven’t been jailbroken were touted as virtually impossible to penetrate for a long while – with Apple waging war against malware with such tenacity one should feel a little more secure. However, a jailbroken iPhone is another story altogether.

No poison Apples

Apple won’t feed you one. If you venture outside the realms of the official App Store you have no one to blame but yourself for the repercussions. The trouble with iPhone, which is much the same as the trouble with Android phones, is that it won’t allow you to choose what permissions you hand over to your apps. You either give them what you want or you don’t install them. In that case venturing to the outside world for an app maybe a catastrophe because you don’t know what information or data your app maybe sending off somewhere else, but if it’s from the App Store at least you can sure it doesn’t have any malicious intent.

When there isn’t a door don’t open a window  

If you don’t want an app to have access to everything in your phone then don’t install it. You can’t control every aspect of permissions; once you install an app it takes what it wants. In some cases this has proved to be a problem because information has then been taken and sold to advertisers at large. Go through the permissions on your app properly before you download it. Twitter of all people admitted to storing user data even if they’ve deleted the app for Twitter itself. If big tech firms can’t respect your privacy you really can’t trust small developers to. Whatever detective work you want to do has to be done before you install the app and use it, once it’s on your system the information it touches may not be as easily erased.

Author Bio:

Natalia David has become a reliable name in the sphere of technology. Her work has earned her great recognition from readers who appreciate it for keeping them up to date with the latest happenings in the trade of the technology world. You can also follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

Error 3004 when updating to iOS6

Error 3004 when updating to iOS6

I’m sure I am not the only one having this issue, but have yet to find anyone reporting it online.  I was receiving Error 3004 when upgrading to iOS6.

This can mean a few things:

  • Apple’s servers are swamped due to the rush of people looking to upgrade; try it again in a few minutes.
  • You are using an outdated version of iTunes.  This was my issue.  Although iTunes prompted me to upgrade my phone and let me download iOS6, when the progress got all the way to the end, it failed the upgrade.  As soon as I updated iTunes to version 10.7, I was able to successfully upgrade to iOS6.

Another error I received: “( ERROR ) An unknown error occurred (6)

  • This one actually stumped me, and got me stuck in recovery mode.  I made sure my hosts file wasn’t blocking Apple’s servers (through TinyUmbrella; sometimes the Hosts file is set to use cydia’s host)
    • That wasn’t it
  • I was upgrading from a jailbroken iOS 5.1.1 – Every time a New OS comes out, it is always in your best interest to do a full restore.
    • As soon as I did the full restore, I was able to get it working.


iPhone Repair LBI NJ

iPhone Repair LBI NJ

For the next week, we will offer iphone cracked screen repair and iPhone Screen Repair in Long Beach Island (LBI) New Jersey. If you are in LBI and you need your iPhone Screen repaired because it is cracked, broken, or there is broken glass, give us a call at 973-459-9580.

You can check out our iPhone screen replacement prices and then contact us for a screen replacement on your iPhone 4, or iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6.


Replacing the Hard Drive in Macbook Pro

Replacing the Hard Drive in Macbook Pro

I wanted to update to replace the hard drive on my Early 2011 Macbook Pro.  Since I have had my computer for over a year, my drive was getting bottled down, and I only had about 40GB left.  Most of the space was filled with videos from my GoPro, pictures, and my extensive music colleciton, and I wasn’t willing to part with any of it.

I decided to go with the Western Digital 320 GB Scorpio Black SATA Notebook Hard Drive – WD3200BEKT from Amazon.  It was an affordable drive, with very good reviews.

There are plenty of guides on how to replace the hard drive on an early 2011 Macbook pro online.  My problem came when I was reinstalling OS X.  The version of Snow Leopard I was installing was 10.6.7.  When I went to boot from the DVD, my Macbook was emanating 3 POST beeps.  The 3 beeps indicate an issue with the memory (RAM), which I had recently upgraded by purchasing 2x 4GB RAM chips.  However, I hadn’t touched the RAM, and it was working perfectly fine before I touched the hard drive.  Upon further research, the 3 Beeps on start up on my Macbook Pro from early 2011 indicated that I was using an install DVD that was not supported on my Machine.  I ended up digging out the box that I got back in early 2011 and pulled out the install DVD that came with the computer.  It was version 10.6.6, and after booting into that by holding Command + C at startup, it went right into the installation process.  The installation took about 50 minutes, and my Macbook was running just like new, if not faster (due to the upgraded RAM and a fresh HDD).

The great thing about my MacBook Pro is that I can still boot into my original hard drive.  I picked up a Macally PHRS-250CC FireWire 400/USB2.0 External Storage Enclosure for 2.5″ SATA HDD and all I need to do to access my old OS X installation is hold the option key at startup, and select my Firewire hard drive from the list.

Using the new with your Gmail

Using the new with your Gmail

Microsoft has released their new version of today.  Their goal according to them was to have a modern and fast UI.  If you take a look at the new (link), you can see, it has a very modern look, very much like that of the Windows Phone, and the new Windows 8 OS.  They also designed the new outlook so you, the user, can easily be connected to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and soon, Skype).  They have also included smart tools to manage and filter messages.  Another important point they brought up, was that they are prioritizing your privacy.  In other words, they don’t serve ads based on the contents of your email, like their competitor Gmail does.

I went ahead and signed up for a new e-mail address to see what all the hype was about.  After creating an account from here, you are automatically logged into the new interface.

The left hand navigation shows your folders and quick view choices.  On the right, you are presented with your ads.  In my case, they are all items somewhat relevant to my recent searches.  Microsoft said they are not using the context of your e-mails to base their ads off of, but they are definitely using some sort of cookie from your browsing through their site.

The new Preview is encouraging Gmail users to make the switch to their service, or at least forward their e-mail to their new address.  Switching is as easy as setting up forwarding in Gmail, and you can also POP all your old mail into your new account.

On this page you will need to click on the ‘Add Forwarding Address’ box at the very top of the page.  It prompts you with this box:

Enter your new e-mail address into the box and your e-mail will now be forwarded.  There are a few other options I have selected, such as only forwarding new e-mail that comes in, and not all my old messages.  I also have it storing a copy of all my Gmail e-mails in Gmail, just in case.

The last step I am going to do, is import my contacts from Gmail into my new account.

From that page, you need to select Google contacts.

The following box will pop-up:

You need to grant access to your Gmail account (click connect).

Since I was already signed into my Gmail account, I was prompted with this box to authorize the access into my Google contacts.  Click on allow access and you will have all of your google contacts into your new account.


There are a few downsides, a major one is that there is no IMAP support yet.  According to the new support team, they are are planning on adding it eventually.

Google Talk is Down

Google Talk is Down

It’s not just you!  I came into the office this morning and tried to connect to the Google Talk network and it never connected.  I checked out the Google Talk Status Page and they are working on a fix as they discovered a Global outage around 6:40am this morning.

The last update as reported by Google was at 9:50am EST,

We are continuing to investigate this issue. We will provide an update by 7/26/12 10:50 AM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem.


As of 10:50a Google announced the following:

Google Talk service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users in the near future. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change.

At my office, everyone’s Google Talk has come back; not too shabby Google, 4 Hours to fix a crashed server is pretty impressive.

Pandora Not Working July 2012

Pandora Not Working July 2012

I have heard form a few people that Pandora was not working or loading for them, as of July 19 2012, displaying a messed up Logo like this.

Pandora Not working July 2012

Sure enough, I went to log into my Pandora on my personal computer, and it was not working.
I made sure I was up-to-date on my Adobe Flash Player, and my Firefox was the current version.
They were, but I was still having issues.
I am currently running:

  • Mac OSX 10.7.4
  • Firefox Version 14.0.1
  • Adobe Flash Player version 11.3.300.265

I tried in the other browsers on my computer, Safari and Google Chrome, but it didn’t work on either of them.

After doing some research, Pandora forums and their support were no help, basically recommending to make sure everything was up to date, which it was.  But I found a solution!

The issue that was causing Pandora to not work has to do with stored cookies and cached files.

To prove my point, you should open up a Private Browsing Session in Firefox (Tools->Start Private Browsing).
Navigate to and it should load up for you.
Return to regular browsing.

  • All you need to do at this point is clear your cache and cookies and Pandora will load normally again. (Tools->Clear Recent History…)
  • Choose “Everything” as your time range, and check every box except “Form & Search History”
  • Click the “Clear Now” box.

Please leave your comments and questions below and I will happily answer and respond to them.



Adding Network Printer to Windows 7 Computer

Adding Network Printer to Windows 7 Computer

This one has been particularly frustrating for me.  There is not many computer problems that I walk away from, and this was one of them. In this particular instance, I had a client that used Fed-Ex Shipping Manager and needed the printer (Model Zebra ZP500 ZPL) to work over the network on a work-station machine that was running Windows 7. These printers aren’t cheap, so this is the most cost effective way of making it happen.

When going through the “Add Printer” Wizard on the Windows 7 machine, the printer was discovered on the network, but no matter what, it would not install, citing incompatible drivers as the reason.  Even after trying to install the drivers I downloaded from Fed-Ex’s website, I was still getting an error.   It appeared that the Windows XP machine was only supplying the Windows XP drivers to my Windows 7 machine, which obviously won’t work and the Windows 7 printer wizard wasn’t giving me a chance to browse and provide it with my own printer drivers.

I was stumped!

When I tried to install this printer when I connected it directly via a USB cable, it worked with no problems, first try.


I knew what needed to be done!  I was going to install the printer on the Windows 7 workstation by plugging it in via USB and changing the port that it used to a network port.

  • Through the ‘Devices and Printer” folder, find the printer you are working with, right click on it and go to ‘Printer Properties”
  • Click on the ‘Ports Tab’ and then click on the button that says “Add Port” and it will bring up the following menu
  • Click on “New Port..”  Make sure you click that as opposed to “New Port Type..)
  • You will be presented with this screen.  Here is where you will put the network location of the printer.  In this example, the network PC is called ‘officepc’ and the printer that is shared on that computer is called ‘zebraprinter’.
  • If  the following error is displayed, it means you typed in the shared computer name and/or printer name incorrect.  Make sure you are connected to the network, and the network PC is accessible.

In my case, it worked, I hit apply, OK, and did a test print.  Viola, a successful Zebra ZP500 Network Installation on Windows 7 Machine.

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