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ComboFix Infected with Sality Virus

ComboFix Infected with Sality Virus

I have taken the following information from the Forum.

Unfortunately it has come to light that the program ComboFix had a file in it that is infected with the Sality virus. The minute we heard about this, the executable was pulled from Unfortunately there is no control over other sites that may have mirrored ComboFix without permission, so please do not attempt to download it elsewhere.

The developer, sUBs, is currently looking into what happened and whenthere is a full update, I will be sure to let you know. From the limited information that available, it appears that the affected version has been available since approximately 2am EST on January 29th, but it may have been earlier. If this timeframe changes, I will update this topic to let you know. If you have used ComboFix in the last day or so, then you should examine your system for possible infection. If you have used a copy of ComboFix prior to this version, then you should be ok.

SHA256 Hashes of known affected versions are:


In the meantime, it is important for those who may have used ComboFix recently and are concerned they are infected to get the help they need. As the Sality infection has been around for a while, almost all antivirus vendors will have detected it and blocked it when you ran ComboFix. Unfortunately, not everyone has up-to-date virus definitions or uses an AV program, so it is important to examine your system if you have used CF since 2am EST.

The steps you should take to make sure your computer is not infected are:

All of these tools should be able to detect and remove Sality from your computer. Sality is also able to spread through mapped network drives and shares. If you share any folders on your network, you should perform the above steps on those computers as well.

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