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I have heard form a few people that Pandora was not working or loading for them, as of July 19 2012, displaying a messed up Logo like this.

Pandora Not working July 2012

Sure enough, I went to log into my Pandora on my personal computer, and it was not working.
I made sure I was up-to-date on my Adobe Flash Player, and my Firefox was the current version.
They were, but I was still having issues.
I am currently running:

  • Mac OSX 10.7.4
  • Firefox Version 14.0.1
  • Adobe Flash Player version 11.3.300.265

I tried in the other browsers on my computer, Safari and Google Chrome, but it didn’t work on either of them.

After doing some research, Pandora forums and their support were no help, basically recommending to make sure everything was up to date, which it was.  But I found a solution!

The issue that was causing Pandora to not work has to do with stored cookies and cached files.

To prove my point, you should open up a Private Browsing Session in Firefox (Tools->Start Private Browsing).
Navigate to and it should load up for you.
Return to regular browsing.

  • All you need to do at this point is clear your cache and cookies and Pandora will load normally again. (Tools->Clear Recent History…)
  • Choose “Everything” as your time range, and check every box except “Form & Search History”
  • Click the “Clear Now” box.

Please leave your comments and questions below and I will happily answer and respond to them.



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  1. Selina Selina
    August 3, 2012    

    This didn’t work for me.

    Any other idea?

    • August 6, 2012    

      Have you made sure your browser is up to date?

  2. Jason Jason
    November 24, 2012    

    I’ve tried this as well, everything is up to date, flash, firefox, real player, etc etc.
    Pandora worked in private browsing, but as soon as I switched back, and cleared my cache/cookies, Still doesn’t work.
    I’ve also ran CCleaner to clear out any temp files and anything, still does not work.

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